Farming God'S Way

The Method

Since agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy, we at Cultivate Discipleship Ministry Uganda believe in the Farming Gods Way Method and we practice that at our farm with those who join us for our discipleship program. Our hope is to teach these biblical farming principles as our disciplers are learning the deep truths of God’s Word.  

Not only does this farming practice incorporate God’s truths found in his Word, but it aims to be enviromentally resourceful, encouraging farmers to use what the Lord has already provided for them. With dedication and determination as we implement this method, we are seeing a bigger harvest compared to those using traditional farming methods.  

We want to share our passion for discipleship and spiritual growth with those attending our discipleship school, as well as give them tools to provide for their families. We are so excited to see all that the Lord will continue to do as we model farming based on principles found in God’s Word and point all the glory of our harvest back to him!

Why farm God's way?

By using the Farming God's Way method, all the growth and harvest we experience at Cultivate Discipleship can be directed back to God. This unique farming method based on biblical principles coincide with our discipleship training and serve as a testimony to our surrounding neighbors and those who visit our ministry site.